Life of Worship


Life of Worship

What is a Life of Worship?  Dedicating our lives to the Lord.  Choosing to live a life worthy of His grace, love and mercy.

Choose a life worthy

The one thing we know, is at the end of the verse it say’s “And God granted his request” We put so many obstacles before our prayer time and time with the Lord, that they never take off the ground because of our own excuses. Excuses – one of the definitions of this word is “a reason put forward to conceal the real reason for an action; a pretext”

What excuses are you putting before the Lord? Remember the definition “the reason put forward to conceal the real reason” . What is the real reason you don’t want to be with the Lord? Is it some hidden sin that you don’t want him to know? (By the way, He knows it anyway) Is it that you have other things that take up your time? Other priorities? Only you.

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